To my fellow mom!

Are you in a funk and can’t seem to get out of it?  You don’t know what’s wrong exactly, but what’s for sure, you don’t like the way that you feel! 

Then you may totally relate to these situations:

  • You are constantly tired, and feel like you couldn’t live without coffee (can someone come up with a caffeine IV please??).

  • You can’t seem to think clearly! Or you seem to forget things, and secretly wonder if you’re getting old before you’re time!

  • You feel unorganized, lost and wondering how you got to this point in your life (because you used to feel like you had it all together!)

  • You’re constantly irritable, anxious, and maybe even controlling. And um yeah, that makes you kinda awful to live with. (You know this).

  • You might even yell at your kids more than you care to admit, because you can’t contain it, and then you feel the immense mom guilt afterward. You didn’t want to yell at them, it just came out. Ugh!

  • You never seem to feel like you measure up, especially when you scroll through your social media feed and see all of these women doing yoga, gardening, and doing crafts with their kids. Really, another picture of her looking amazing with her perfectly dressed kids! Bah!  They make the perfect meals and seem to do everything right.  All while talking about how amazing their kids and family are, and how being a mommy is the best job ever! Why can’t you seem to get it right?  Why can’t you feel this way? You want to!!

  • You feel overwhelmed and can’t seem to get anything done! You get interrupted at every turn and when you do, it completely throws you off! You can’t seem to get back on track.

  • You see the ads in parenting or family magazines that depict these amazing families smiling and playing and you wish you could get yourself to enjoy playing with your kids!

  • You struggle with your body image and how you feel in your body! And you’re worried you’re going to pass this on to your kids!

  • AND even just the thought of bringing your kids to the store is exhausting!

Sure, sometimes you have a “Mom Win” here and there! And you have good days. But overall, you feel stuck in your Mom Funk!

If you can relate to some of these, I promise you, you are not alone!

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