Free Coaching Session

Yep! I’m there Andrea! I’m ready for a Breakthrough Session to help me get out of my funk!


If you’re curious to know whether I’m the right coach to help you get out of your funk, and start feeling (and looking!) good again, then you’re in the right place!


In this 1-hour, private coaching session,  we’ll confidentially discuss the following:

  • Clarify what’s going on for you, how you got here and what’s at the root of the “funk” you are in and what to do about it.

  • Discover what’s missing from what you might of tried in the past so that you can, once and for all, get long lasting results……. we’ll talk mood, food, energy and everything in between!

  • Outline a holistic action plan for getting you feeling happier, healthier, lighter, and less stressed.  Basically how we can get you out of feeling cruddy and back to enjoying your life to the fullest! 

And if I’m certain I can help you get you achieve the results you desire, I’ll answer all of your questions about the possibility of working together, including introducing you to my programs and which one might be right for you.

Normally, I charge $147 for this time, but to make this super easy for you to say invest in yourself and see if you and I are a great fit, this session absolutely free for a limited time.

To get started,

Book an appointment time with the button below.  I will be in contact to confirm the appointment.

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What people say about working with me.

“With Andrea’s help, I increased my energy, improved my overall health (what a relief!), and LOST 25 pounds!”                            – Megan Gross, Teacher, Los Angeles, CA

“I now sleep more soundly, I have more energy, I learned that I could stop running at 1000% at all times and radically reduced my stress, AND still managed to slim my waistline!”     – Jasmin, Night Shift Journalist, Atlanta, GA

“My mood is so much better overall. I’ve lost weight (which was a big surprise to me) and am sleeping better.  I have done a national diet program for years and didn’t get results like this.”     – Christy, Mom of 2 girls, Los Angeles, CA

I look forward to meeting you!