My Approach

I have created a Signature Program specifically to help Busy Women tackle their stress, anxiety and chronic fatigue… get out of the funk they are in so they can fully life!

Like I have said, I have been there, and I have been in some pretty dark places as a mom, wife and business owner.  I get it.  The job of parenting especially is not for the faint-hearted and sometimes we feel like the faint-hearted.

You can feel amazing.  I promise!

I know you can, because I have done it!

It takes some work from you, but you get a whole lot of support from me in the process.  When life happens and you are thrown off track, or you are questioning yourself, I am here to lean on.

This program was created based on a TON of research, my personal experience, and the experience of my clients.

I muddled through a lot and tested a lot of things and I don’t want you to have to do that.

In the “Get Out of Your Funk” Program I focus on the following areas to free you of the constant barrage of stress and anxiety and help you get your energy back. Ultimately it is tailor made for you, but this is the basics of what we will cover:

  • Nutrition – We will focus on figuring out what works best for your unique body because everyone needs a little something different.  There are some guidelines as to what you need to get out of your funk, but ultimately, everyone is bio-checmically different.  We will tailor your nutrition not only to your body’s needs but also to your mommy lifestyle!  I know that mom’s don’t have a ton of time, so we make it as easy as possible.

  • Sleep – I know it’s not always easy with this 24 hour job you have of being a mom, among all of the other roles you play in life, but to be the mom you want to be, you have to get some good quality zzzz’s girl!  Sometimes this can be difficult if you are dealing with sleep issues but I know how to tackle those issues.

  • Gut Health – More and more research comes out every day about the gut and the impact it has on our health.  It is responsible for 80% of your immunity, and holds more neurotransmitter (such as serotonin) receptors than your brain.  If you want to get out of your funk for good, you have to have a healthy gut.  If you have mood issues, chronic pain, skin issues, adrenal fatigue, autoimmune disorders, poor digestion or food allergies, then you are likely dealing with leaky gut.  I help you determine what foods and supplements will help you heal your gut.

  • Supplements – We will talk supplements, specifically the ones that you need to support you getting out of your funk.  Your adrenals glands need to be supported in order to break you free from the chronic stress, and increase your energy.  Supplements will be a huge help in this.  I can even suggest the tests to ask your doctor for to determine exactly which supplements your body needs.

  • Exercise – Together we will figure out the exercise that works for you! Again, this isn’t something that is “one size fits all”.  There are specific exercises that work for moms who are struggling with chronic stress and anxiety.  In fact, your current exercise may be adding to the problem.  Or maybe you aren’t exercising because finding the time, or energy isn’t possible……we will find a way to make it work for your body and fit it into your lifestyle so that it doesn’t add to your stress.

  • Mindfulness/Single-Tasking – As mom’s we are the queen’s of multi-tasking which is taxing on our brains and our bodies.  I will show you how you can slow down and find ways to be mindful, even on your craziest days so that you can remain calm even when you want to scream.

Like I said, this is the framework for what we will do to get you out of your funk, but ultimately it is an individual program, so we will take it at your pace and tailor it to your specific needs and unique body!

If you are interested in this program, I am offering a Free Breakthrough Coaching Session with session with me to see if we are a good fit.

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