That dreaded feeling……I am in a funk and I don’t know how to get out!!!


Just three years ago, from the outside it looked like my little family was doing amazing!


We had just moved to sunny California, my husband had a great job, I got to leave my retail management job to stay at home before my daughter started kindergarten, and now we got uninterrupted time with my amazing step sons in the summer! This is all I ever wanted.

But on the inside I was miserable!


I was riddled with anxiety, I felt awful about myself, I felt like a terrible mom, and I had no joy! Everyone around me was happy, my family was full of joy, but I just couldn’t get to “that place”! We would go to the beach and they would all have a blast while I sat there hating every minute, but also hating that I hated it!

On the outside, no one would have guessed……well except my husband and maybe my best friend, but overall I could hold it together in public.  On the inside I was strugglin’!


So how do smart, capable women like us get in a Mom Funk?


For me and for many women and my clients, it’s about this compounding, chronic stress!

Before you had a baby, you were a hard worker, you had a lot going on and you could manage it all pretty well.

You add on stressful events, like for me a major event was being at the twin towers, but you are able to deal with it and move on. (For others it’s planning a wedding, a renovation, moving, etc…)

Then you add a baby into the mix and there is this incredible amount of pressure to be a good mom, and do it all right (whatever the heck that means!), the sleepless nights, the constant worry, and the feeling that the whole family is counting on you!

Then you cap that off with never making time for yourself because you have people to take care of! How could you even find time?

And let’s not forget, you aren’t eating nourishing foods because you don’t know where to start, and who has time to cook.  You try to eat healthy but it’s all so confusing so screw it!

You see! It’s the perfect storm!


You know what though? It’s not your fault!

I mean, of course we are responsible for how we feel and what we do, HOWEVER, when you don’t know how to nourish your body, then how would you know what to do to feel better?

For me, I had no idea that food could profoundly affect how I felt, day in and day out.  That it could literally change my mood!  I mean, when I was growing up, fast food, lunchables, squeeze-its, and microwavable meals were my jam!  And into adulthood, I ate what was available!  If it was convenient and available, I ate it.

Especially when you are in your Mom Funk, you eat what is available…Who has the time or the energy to do more?

Many of us didn’t have parents that understood the concept of food impacting how you feel.  It was a diet culture then, all focused on being the right weight.  Cutting calories and watching fat is what eating healthy meant.  Our parents ate what tasted good, and then dieted and then went back to eating the crap.  Half of you probably weren’t even taught to cook……I wasn’t!

Also, we are told to make time for ourselves but culturally, we don’t mean it ALL. 

If you stay at home, your spouse is working and yet you are working around the clock.  Making time for yourself sometimes seems like more work…just one more thing to add to the to-do list!  You are tired, but also too tired to do anything about it!

For working moms, it’s a struggle trying to get time off (don’t even get me started on Paid Maternity Leave). You have to come home and do your “second shift” of being a mom.  When is there time for you?

In light of this, it can feel selfish for you to take that time for yourself, especially in our culture that’s all about WORK WORK WORK. Be it working at your career, working in the home taking care of the family, and doing it all.  We are all going 100 miles an hour, 100% of the time!  If we aren’t, we are sick, or don’t feel at our best.


On top of THAT, what about the care and feeding of your SOUL, girlfriend?

(Yes. I’m going there!)  I mean, before, my idea of nourishing myself was sitting down with a bottle of wine and watching the Real Housewives! While that may be fun, it doesn’t feed your soul!  I mean really, these women yelling at each other are not really going to make you feel better or help you wind down.

But guess what…..

It’s absolutely crucial for you to take care of yourself so that you can be present in the life you have chosen!

Your kids, your spouse, those Mom Wins that make each day worthwhile, the very things you said you wanted…… you can not enjoy unless you feel nourished, energized, and calm.


I am here to tell you that you can get out of your funk!

I help mom’s get out of the funk because I’ve been there!

Your funk might not be as intense as mine was, and that okay.  That’s even better. You don’t have to let it get that bad. And even if it is that bad, there is a way out.

Looking back, I was depressed and anxious most of my life. 

Becoming a mom only intensified the feelings of anxiety.  No one ever told me that if I don’t eat well, I’m not going to feel well!

No one told me how to deal with being anxious or depressed other than to go to the doctor and maybe look into medication. 

It wasn’t until I started educating myself that I realized that your gut plays a huge role in how you feel! Certain food can make you feel awful, and not just in a physical way, but in a mental and emotional way too!

I mean, overall I thought I ate pretty stinkin’ healthy.  I ate Lean Cuisines and watched my calorie intake, and I didn’t even drink soda really!  But what I didn’t realize is that it has nothing to do with that, and honestly it was overwhelming once I hit my low and started to do my research.  There is a LOT of nutrition information out there! Where do I even start?

I pretty much have tried everything. I’ve gone through the trial and error, I’ve spent the hours researching, and taking different trainings.  I went to Nutrition School and learned everything I could about how food impacts the body and mind.  And I eventually found my way out.

What I have found and what a lot of people don’t know about, is that the root cause of this Mom Funk I describe, is Adrenal Fatigue.  Remember that chronic, compounding stress I talked about?  Yeah, that pretty much leads to adrenal fatigue! It’s very common and motherhood is pretty much the perfect storm for it!


It took me a couple of years to try things, then have a setback, feel overwhelmed, and then try something new. You don’t have to do that!


If you are like me, it’s hard to find time!  You need to start feeling better immediately!

Whether this is the first time you are in the funk or you are like I was, and have been in it for a while (and it only keeps getting worse), then I can help you.

Even though I got to a dark place, I look back and know that had I let it go on any longer, it would have only lead to more health issues!

You don’t have to let it get that bad!

It doesn’t mean that you won’t ever freak out on your kids again, but it won’t be every day! Overall, you will be able to handle the stress.


I developed a Signature Program just for mom’s that can relate and want to get it handled once and for all!  My Signature program will get you out of your funk and begin to help you heal your adrenal glands.


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